Static Website Design

Are you searching for a highly experienced web designer team to work for your static website design job? We are ready to assist you. We focus on build exceptional quality static websites which are different from any others. We work considering our client’s budget, business goals and range of time to meet the challenges in the high competitive market place with a unique web design, that’s sets up with the demands of your business.


Static website can be defined in many ways. Generally, it refers to a webpage of the internet that are fixed with content where every page the administrator unable to change them easily. It is opposite of dynamic website. A static website consists of fixed HTML code. So, the contents of a static website can be changed only by changing the HTML script or with the help of a webmaster. To Design a static site is the easiest and effective way to show your company information and services. Static website is very cost effective than a dynamic website. It is very effective for the small company or organization those who does not need to update their information.


There are many advantages of static website some of them are mentioned below:

  • Static website is very easy to create and host
  • It is cost effective than a dynamic website.
  • You can easily modify by little HTML coding knowledge
  • It’s speed is very first and light weight.
  • It is Search Engine friendly
  • Any rich graphics can be added into its design.


It is very important to know the specialty of a company before choose their service. We can
get a clear concept about our specialty on static website design service by the following:

  • Provide affordable and negotiable cost for static website Design than any other companies.
  • No hidden fees. All of the costing is included with the main package.
  • Have an experienced website design team who are able to create any unique professional design as you need.
  • Individually design every website to ensure a unique view.
  • Show you the site before fixed the final design for approval on the design as if you may satisfy with our service.

  • Add latest SEO techniques for increasing your search engine rank.
  • Social media friendly application is provided as you need
  • Apply W3C accessibility strategy in coding and design process.
  • Able to make business based HTML5 coding.
  • Maintain committed time table to complete a project.
  • Free support until setup your website in your hosting space.
  • Use easy navigation to make it user friendly.


PageDesignLab is a well experienced web design and developing company providing the best web design services. Just let us know your requirement and features.