Cross Platform

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

A growing number of companies going mobile turn to cross-platform app development as it allows creating applications that stand out in the market by applying available resources efficiently. PageDesignLab helps businesses of all types, from startups and small companies to large enterprises, to get the most out of their mobile apps with multi-platform mobile development. Backed up with solid experience, PageDesginLab provides a wide array of cross-platform app development services such as:

  • Cross-platform application development using Xamarin, Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap, Sencha, Cocos 2DX
  • Multi-platform application launching on Android, iOS or Windows Phone
  • Cross-platform app support and maintenance on multiple operating systems
  • Old native mobile app improvement using cross-platform frameworks
  • Customers’ team augmentation for challenging projects by providing a team of professional cross-platform developers for hire.

In the ongoing battle between native and cross-platform solutions, sole codebase shows its pace by letting companies enjoy the following benefits:

  • Development costs reduction. A multi-platform app requires just a cross-platform mobile app programmers team instead of having a few groups for Android, iOS or Windows Phone for app development and maintenance that prevents a price increase.
  • Time saving. Sole app coding eliminates the necessity to write one application several times for multiple operating systems.
  • Near-native functionality. Because of coding specifics, hybrid frameworks ensure applications’ access to the same hardware and features on smartphones that native apps have.
  • Fast launching. The necessity to deliver only one application obviates the risk of scattered launch dates for different platforms.

To develop a cross-platform application that suits customers’ requirements and expectations best, our team of cross-platform app experts employs the following tools and languages:

  • Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Idea, RubyMind, Xamarin Studio
  • Languages: HTML5 / CSS, JavaScript, C#, PHP, C++

We create our solutions for each specific business, with a close look at customers’ requirements and nature. So, whether a customer needs a full-fledged multi-platform app development, including all its stages from planning to the implementation process, or just needs to hire cross-platform mobile app developers, PageDesignLab will provide the most relevant fit.